Other Half

This video was created for an animation project. I drew the characters in Adobe Illustrator and imported them into After Effects. This was my first experience creating animation.

Mr. Ball

This video was created for a stop motion project. I imported the files into Photoshop to create the frame by frame animation. After I exported the video, I filmed the live action parted and edited the final video in Adobe Premier.

Channel Surfer

This video was a fun sketch I created using Adobe After Effects and Premier. Some of the challenges of creating this video were using the green screen technology and editing out the iconic movie characters in Photoshop.

Traveling Gypsy

This project is a music video I created with a small group. My part in this project was to direct and act. I also wrote and recorded the song featured in the video. Some of my responsibilities were to create a storyboard, set up shots, and manage the timeline of project.

Ghost Roommates

This video is a television intro I created for a school project. I used practical effects while shooting and edited the video in Adobe Premiere. The title sequence was created in Adobe After Effects.

Joshua Schleer                              Graphic Designer